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“Grandmothers are mothers who have grown up. ”

“A home without a granny is like an egg without salt. ”, “The more crazy people there are, the more we fun we have! ”… No matter how many times we may have heard the cult sayings of our grandmothers, or “Mamies”, as they are called in French, we never tire of them. “Sharing is loving! ” is our favourite. Along with “Wipe your feet and come and give me a kiss and don’t dilly-dally about it”!

Sharing and loving perfectly describes our philosophy at Mamie Megève too! It inspired the creation of our chic, retro accommodation where you will feel right at home throughout the year, whether you visit as a couple, with family or colleagues or those you hold dear!

our rooms

You are going to feel so comfortable in our cosy rooms with their yesteryear ambiance combined with today’s “pop” charm! Mamie will make sure you have:

La Bonbonnière - Cosy Candy Box Room

Perfect for a couple’s getaway.

La Bonbonnière Megève - Megève Cosy Candy Box Room

A breathtaking view of the village resort of Megève.

La Mamie Megève - The Mamie Megève Room

For an ideal stay for two (2 adults) and a half (1 child from 4 to 10 years old) with a view on Megève.

La Chambre De Mamie - Mamie’s Room

Comforting cocoon for great stays up to 2 and a half people (2 adults and 1 child from 4 to 10 years old)

La Chambrée - The Barrack

Perfect for families and groups of friends of up to 4 people looking to bond.

le vestibule and pic-nic & colegram


Central place of living in the house, it is in the Vestibule that the gang of Mamie Megeve will welcome you and will guide you to the discovery of this place full of surprises. We welcome you every day from 7am to 11pm and will concoct with you a tailor-made stay.

By car  !

Every 30mn in front of the door, our cars will drive you to the village, the ski area or the restaurant Chez Jean (300m away).

Ski passes

Drop off your order to Mamie’s team and pick up your ski passes in the morning.

Ski lockers

Free ski lockers are at your disposal near Mamie’s garage.

Mamie’s garage

Two levels of parking welcome your vehicle in a covered garage, at the rate of 20€ per day or 115€ per week.

The playful corridors

The corridors of Mamie Megève’s house look like a playroom in the attic. Challenge your companion(s) to identify the best generation at the arcade terminals.

Baby-sitter, wake up call on request at the reception

Pets are welcome at Mamie Megève

Please note that Mamie Megève is not very accessible to people with reduced mobility. Some rooms have been designed for your comfort but the common areas of the hotel are inaccessible. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Because at Mamie’s, we never leave on an empty stomach, a coffee croissant is offered to you every morning in the lobby. But at Mamie, we also like to eat throughout the day.

In the morning: every morning we bring back from the village the bread, pastries & cakes to treat you before your activities. Breakfast is 15€/person.

When you come back from skiing: hot chocolate, cookies, pies and other sweet treats to enjoy.

At the aperitif: local beers, spreads, chips and all the essentials!

At dinner: soups, cooked jars, paninis to take away or to eat together on the spot.

All day long: refreshments, drinks and comforting sweets.

En route for Megève

Mamie was just a child when she discovered Megève. She immediately fell in love with this little village in Haute-Savoie, its exceptional natural setting and its breath-taking Alpine scenery with Mont Blanc. Mamie’s not one to ramble on, but when it comes to Megève, there’s no stopping her. She says that Megève is so much more than a winter sports resort, it’s a real village-resort.

Spending time there is always a moment of pure pleasure, whatever the season. Mamie says that Megève has retained its beauty and charm over the years. And with a wink she adds: “Just like me! ”.


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